StarCraft II streamers

Stream Status Last seen
Polt Hey everyone :) New emotes available! Live!
DIMAGA 1v1 EU Ladder Live!
Wardi ShoWTimE vs DnS - €100 GO4SC2 Sundays... Live!
TLO Good Vibes Only Live!
Apocalypse KR Server GM Top50 Terran Apocalypse... Live!
NarutO Go4Starcraft2 - Am Sonntag -... Live!
BelAirStarcraft [GER] Go4SC2 Europe Cup #721 (€100)... Live!
SpaceMarine TOP100 GM protoss commentary and ladder Live!
Luisggg M1 terran mech powerr¡¡¡¡ Live!
ProTech 260 SUB HYPE! Let's go 50K... Live!
크랭크티비 크랭크: 갓흥겜 스타크래프트 II Live!
tFFMrPink [GER]Übergewichtiger Trunkenbold... Live!
OgamingSC2 GO4SC2 EUROPE CUP #721 Live!
Winter !Vodcast Always commentary, never... Live!
RoXKISPomi Rus_Brain cup s1/r1 Live!
esl_sc2_pl Go4SC2 Europe Cup #721 - 14:00 - Cast... Live!
Optimussc2 [EU] Terran 6500+ mmr (top 20 GM)... Live!
babymagik SC:R Rus_Brain Cup S1R1 Live!
Dsqoa Shit Show! Live!
diem09 Straight outta Silver :D Live!
孵育 <<* 孵育TW*>> 10/22 with 系友... Live!
karun4 Long time No Play Chill Games Live!
xAtsou tryhard? Live!
CooL4o7 Starcraft II Lovin' Live!
FugenSP Прохождение Disciples III:... Live!