Fuzic is down for now (but hopefully not forever). Please read the rest of this message for an explanation.

I originally worked on Fuzic as a project to let off some steam while I was writing my thesis for university. It worked out that Fuzic was more or less finished when my thesis was, which was around September 2013. I set up Fuzic to run mostly on its own, updating stats and the like automatically, so I didn't have to spend much time on maintenance.

When I originally made the site it simply calculated stats per week. This worked fine until 2014 came closer and I realized the site wasn't set up to handle multiple years (after all, after week 52 of 2013 comes week 1 of 2014). I thought fixing this would be relatively easy, but it turned out otherwise.

I have updated part of the site, but right now I simply lack the time and motivation to work much on it. I am about to start a new full-time job and my interest in StarCraft 2 is relatively low at the moment. I do intend to eventually fix things up, but for now the site will unfortunately not be available. Hopefully I will find time again in the future.

Though there will be a few gaps in the data, I do also intend to keep collecting viewer numbers in the meanwhile. The part of the system that collects those numbers still works fine. If the site comes back again, it should be able to show you stats for most of 2014 (and before, obviously).

If you have any further questions, I can be contacted at @fuzicnl.

- Stijn